London’s Landmark Centre Point: revival begins
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London’s Landmark Centre Point: revival begins

On Monday Almacantar will commence the revival of the Grade II listed Centre Point and create a vibrant new retail and restaurant destination for London.

82 apartments will be built in the Tower creating some of the most desirable real estate in the world, benefitting from spectacular uninterrupted views across the capital.

The building will be wrapped in artwork by global fashion and design company, Eley Kishimoto
London’s landmark Centre Point begins its revival on Monday at the east end of Oxford Street.

Property development and investment company, Almacantar, will create 82 exclusive residential apartments and a new destination for London, complete with innovative retail and restaurant space and centred on a new public piazza with an open air terrace overlooking the piazza and New Oxford Street.

Developed by property tycoon Harry Hyams in 1966, Centre Point has been a focal point for London since. The Richard Seifert–designed landmark can be seen from all corners of the capital and is one of London’s original skyscrapers, standing amid the city’s most historic and dynamic neighbourhoods.

During construction, the Grade II listed building will be wrapped in prints inspired by Centre Point and designed by Eley Kishimoto. Eley Kishimoto’s designs, which have featured on some of the world’s most famous catwalks for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen, will encapsulate Centre Point’s 1960s design and architectural flare. The eye-catching creation, will take six months to erect and a further six months to take down.

Kathrin Hersel, Development Director, Almacantar, comments: “The start of construction at Centre Point is a pivotal moment for a scheme which has been more than three years in the making. The project will breathe new life into this landmark, giving it a sustainable and exciting future for the benefit of all Londoners and visitors to the capital. The two and half-year build programme will come to fruition in time for the arrival of the new Crossrail station at Tottenham Court Road and we are delighted to be able to play an important role in accelerating the rebirth of this central London hub.”

As well as the tower’s rebirth, the development of a retail and new public square is set to go ahead, delivering 41,780 square feet of new retail space. A series of retail outlets, restaurants, bistros and open space will be built at lower levels and inside the bridge link – a walkway that connects Centre Point tower to Centre Point House. The bridge link, with its floor to ceiling windows, and an open terrace will overlook New Oxford Street, Oxford Street and St Giles Circus from above ground level.

The route to Covent Garden from Centre Point will be pedestrianised, with Centre Point being the natural ‘hub’ between four of London’s most dynamic neighbourhoods: Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia.

Contractor Brookfield Multiplex will start on site on January 26, 2015 and works are expected to finish in the second quarter of 2017. Centre Point is being transformed by Rick Mather Architects and Conran and Partners who will revive its sixties design appeal alongside cutting edge design and technology.

Kathrin Hersel continued: “Centre Point is now the focus of Crossrail which will trigger an explosion in visitor numbers to this part of the West End. We will give a much needed new lease of life to the area and turn Centre Point into a destination Londoners can be proud of, and providing a lasting legacy. We are delighted that Camden Council, English Heritage, Transport for London and Crossrail Ltd have come together to forge a future for Centre Point and the surrounding area.”

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Notes to Editors
Contractor Brookfield Multiplex will start on site on January 26, 2015 and works are expected to finish in the second quarter of 2017.

The scheme will see the building, including its famous façade, undergo full redevelopment. All changes have been approved by Camden Council, were supported by English Heritage and will be carefully carried out with the utmost respect for the history of the original building. Due to the unique structure and location of the building with the new Crossrail station at its base, the scaffolding will be erected in sections to maintain the right weight balance.

Centre Point is being transformed by Rick Mather Architects and Conran and Partners who will revive its sixties design appeal alongside cutting edge design and technology.

Almacantar is working closely with partners including Transport for London, Camden and Westminster Councils on plans to vastly improve the surrounding area in the form of a pedestrianized square that will enable Londoners, visitors and residents to enjoy this unique destination and connect Oxford Street, Soho and Covent Garden.

The Crossrail development will open up the location to more people than ever before. The fast connection between Heathrow and the West End, and the expansion of Tottenham Court Road station, will effectively make Centre Point the most likely place where new visitors from around the globe will “emerge” in the Capital – reaffirming Centre Point’s geographic and symbolic position as the epicentre of central London.

About Centre Point
The scheme comprises the development of:

  • 82 residential flats (16 x one bedroom, 37 x two bedroom, 26 x three bedroom, 2 x 4 bedroom and 1 x 5 bedroom duplex) and attractive amenities including a pool, spa, fitness and lounge facilities.
  • 41,780 square feet of retail and restaurant space
  • 13 affordable homes (8 x one bedroom, 3 x three bedroom and 2 x four bedroom) and associated basement car parking
  • New pedestrian link through to Centre Point House and the affordable housing development
  • A public piazza comprising of a series of retail outlets, eateries and open air space. The retail units will be built within and under the bridge link and in the lower floors of centre Point House, some overlooking Oxford Street and New Oxford Street from above ground level.

Built in 1966 on St Giles Circus, Centre Point has enjoyed a colourful history: admired as the original ‘Pop Art skyscraper’, lambasted as it lay largely empty over its lifetime, bemoaned as a concrete eyesore, then celebrated for its ‘elegance worthy of a Wren steeple’.

Centre Point benefits from a prime location at the intersection of Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia. Centre Point is adjacent to Tottenham Court Road station which will become one of Central London’s major transportation hubs with the arrival of Crossrail in 2018.

With the arrival of Crossrail and the rapid regeneration of the area around Tottenham Court Road and St Giles, there is a unique opportunity to revive a London landmark, sitting at the heart of this area of transformation. Centre Point, which was granted listed building status in 1995, is being transformed by Almacantar and and its architects Rick Mather Architects and Conran and Partners who will; be revieving its sixties design appeal alongside cutting edge design and technology.

About Almacantar
Almacantar is a property investment and development company that specialises in large-scale, complex investments in Central London, with the potential to create long-term value through development, repositioning or active asset management. Under the leadership of Mike Hussey, the team brings together a combination of strategic skills, relationships and a deep knowledge of the Central London market.

Almacantar works on a small number of high-value projects, taking a prudent approach to risk and aligning the interests of its shareholders with those of its business model.

By focusing on the fundamentals, driven by real property skills, Almacantar unlocks opportunities to create value for its developments and investors.

Since launching in 2010, Almacantar has acquired a number of prime assets with untapped potential in the heart of London including Centre Point, Marble Arch Tower, CAA House and 125 Shaftesbury Avenue.